From My Filipina Sex Diaries: Jewel – Fucking after Church

Jewel outside a church in Angeles CIty, captured for my FIlipina Sex Diaries

When I set out to do my Filipina Sex Diaries, I did not only think about sex. I also thought a tiny little bit about doing some real Tourist stuff too. U know, sightseeings, shopping (yea, right) and churches. So, one Friday towards the end of March I took my camera and went off to see a nearby church. Fascinating buildings. One thing about Filipinos are how religious they are. So whenever you do your tourist thing at churches you will also meet residents of Philippines too. I am happy … Continue reading

From My Filipina Sex Diaries: Carren – Naive with Great Boobs

Carren, Filipina Sex Diaries Naive Big Boobs Princess

Carren, a great memory and really worth a mentioning here at my Filipina Sex Diaries. If you check out my main page you’ll quickly notice I’ve done this Sexy Filipina Teenager three times. In addition to having one of the greatest pair of Pinay boobs I’ve ever seen, you’ll also notice what makes her being separated from the crowd. You know, when you fuck several Filipinas each week (read all about it at my main page) they do become a crowd, unfortunately. However; Whenever she has a cock ramming her … Continue reading

From My Filipina Sex Diaries: 3 b’s. Babe Big Boobs. Corazon

Corazon have my dick in her mouth at my FIlipina Sex Diaries

Corazon is worthy a mentioning in my Filipina Sex Diaries. This is because she differs a bit from other typical Filipina Girls. Like many of my conquests the last 6 months, I met Corazon on-line. Not on a ‘filthy’ web-cam program, but on a regular chat-place. We agreed to meet and to my surprise; Not only did she show up. She showed up on time! That is one rare experience when it comes to Filipina Sluts. The first thing that struck me when she finally was undressed in my room … Continue reading