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Corazon have my dick in her mouth at my FIlipina Sex Diaries

Corazon is worthy a mentioning in my Filipina Sex Diaries. This is because she differs a bit from other typical Filipina Girls. Like many of my conquests the last 6 months, I met Corazon on-line. Not on a ‘filthy’ web-cam program, but on a regular chat-place. We agreed to meet and to my surprise; Not only did she show up. She showed up on time! That is one rare experience when it comes to Filipina Sluts.

The first thing that struck me when she finally was undressed in my room was the cute little bump on her belly. Was she pregnant? I dunno actually, but it sure made me a bit more horny than usual. She also confessed not to be a former web cam hostess, as she claimed when we chatted, but still being one. Hard to know when these babes actually tell the truth.

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Corazon have a great pair of big Pinay boobs. If you visit my main Filipina Sex Diaries page you’ll see I’m quite a connoisseur for big Filipina Tits. Now that I’m going down the memory lane with my picture collection I had to stop a bit at Corazon. I remember a great suck, a pretty good fuck and a hot creampie. And the boobs. Did I mention the boobs? 😉

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